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Empowering and Encouraging!

If you struggle with infertility, or have someone you love who does, take a moment and listen in. Heather brings a ray of hope to a very tough topic to discuss. You will be empowered! Do not give up. You are not alone!

Much needed podcast!

As a mental health processional, I know that infertility is in an area that’s often not talked about but many struggle with. I’m really glad that Heather created this podcast. I’ll be sure to share it with others!

You can beat it!

My wife and I were on this journey...we beat it by realizing we really didn't want children...wish we had a resource like Heather's podcast to help us navigate these waters. Great show.

I wish this show was around when I was trying to get pregnant

I know how comforting and motivating it is to hear about other peoples' struggles and triumphs regarding infertility. This show is going to help a lot of people!


I applaud Heather for launching this podcast. It’s a very sensitive topic for many people and I hope that this resource is a source of comfort for people struggling with infertility.

Great show

Great show Heather! I really appreciate you dealing with this issue. As adoption specialists we see the other side of this all the time, the struggles, the pain. Thanks for providing a resource to help!

Great Support

I have seen how isolating it has been for family members that have struggled with infertility. It makes a difference to know that you are not alone. Heather, you deliver on this difficult, yet very important, topic with such poise and inspiration that will be a comfort to those battling to beat infertility.

A show empowering families

This podcast deals with an issue that is difficult for many families, and does it in a way that is hopeful and inspiring. Excellent work.


I am glad I found this podcast, not for myself but for my sister who can relate to infertility. I will thank you now for her.

Glad to See This!

This podcast is needed. While my husband and I haven’t come to the point in our lives when we want to expand our family, Facebook has opened my world to dozens upon dozens of women in my life who struggle with infertility, and it breaks their hearts. Several have beat infertility, and others have decided that adoption is in their future, but all are beautiful mothers nonetheless. I can’t understand what it’s like, but I know they’ll find strength in this podcast knowing they too aren’t alone!

great stories, great vibe

There are so many women (and men!) affected by infertility and this podcast does a great job of addressing the man complex issues that go into it. Heather takes her own personal experience to relate to others and bring hope to those who need it!

Real Stories

Love that the focus is on real people and their experiences with infertility.

Truly Heartfelt Conversations

The heartfelt conversations Heather is having are inspiring. It’s not just that she and her guests are helping others learn more about infertility, but by sharing their stories they connect on a deeper level with a group of people who normally feel secluded and alone. Keep the conversation going, Heather! We can’t wait to hear more!

A Must-Listen!

As someone who has watched loved ones battle with infertility, this podcast truly puts things into perspective. Heather and her courageous guests really feel like lifelong friends sharing their stories over a cup of coffee. I hope others find a great amount of support and encouragment from these weekly podcasts. Just beautiful!

Just Beat It!

For people and couples with infertility issues, there is not much else that will capture their overarching interest than this podcast. It’s fact-filled, interesting and entertaining!

Very Informative

I had no idea that this struggle affected so many people. It definitely takes a lot of courage to share your stories and be that open, while hoping your story helps others who may be struggling. Great work!


This podcast is incredible! The honesty and openness makes you feel like you have a support system right there with you! Can't wait to hear more!

A community to support

Great job Heather for creating a space women can share what they are going through and share resources.


The show is incredibly helpful because it shows couples suffering from infertility that they are not alone. From pregnancy loss to male factor to the many other forms of infertility that plague couples, the stories here will touch your heart and help you cope.

Good info for future mothers

A very valuable source for women out there who were struggling when it comes to motherhood. Looking forward for more episodes Heather!

Fabulous resource!

I know several women who struggled with infertility and it was heartbreaking. So great that this podcast is here to support women who are suffering alone.

A help to so many

Struggling with such an important life event can be heartbreaking. To have support in this area from those who have overcome will be important to so many. Great job Heather!

Thumbs up!

Amazing podcast. I love the mission behind this show and I know that it will benefit all the couples out there who are on a similar journey. Listen to this show and share the love, hope and encouragement that Heather and her guests have put together in Beat Infertility.

Good podcast

Your resources and show are going to help many women and couples struggling w/ Infertility. Keep up the good work!!

Important information!

Heather does a beautiful job handling a sensitive topic with care - definitely recommend!

Important information

Important information to anyone to know, male or female!

What a great show!

Very important subject matter and a great support for alot of people!

Podcast with a purpose

Thanks Heather for so courageously sharing your story. This podcast will be so helpful to those struggling with the same issue. There's so much power in realizing that you're not alone!

love this podcast

This show is gonna touch a lot of peoples lives, bringing back the gift of life. 5 Stars :)

the show I wish I’d had… love it!

Wow, this show is a beautiful, uplifting conversation about infertility. A condition that brings so much shame and sadness to so many AND I absolutely adore the positive vibe Heather brings. ~ Maritza