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What a service

I wish I had access to this 10 years ago when we were dealing with the same thing. It's a beautiful service you offer.

Thank you so much!

You have a great show Heather! This is such a big topic right now, and people need help getting pregnant without spending all kinds of time and money on in-vitro options. Great show!

a hopeful guide on a tough journey

I learned how tough the road to fertility can be in and acute way from a client of mine recently. There are so many potential bumps in the road and hurdles to overcome! The show's host Heather is committed to overcoming all obstacles through persistence, information, and the support of a community, and has created a great resource for any struggling woman in the process!

A true source of hope

Heather’s candid approach to this sensitive topic offers so much hope and inspiration. I appreciate her care in helping couples cope through this journey.


I have been ttc since May 2012. This podcast is so inspiring. I wish it was available when I first started. You will love it!

Amazing podcast

For anyone going through infertility, this podcast is a gift. I look forward to the days when new episodes are posted! The stories are truthful and heartfelt and I absolutely love that we are following along on with women of all different diagnoses. The experts that Heather has had on are knowledgable and engaging. I am so grateful to have found this podcast!

Valuable information and resources

Heather brings a wealth of information that will help many couples on their journey to overcoming infertility. Well done!

So many women need this!

As someone that has many friends and family that have dealt with infertility, I love that they now have a podcast where they can turn for support to know they are not alone.

WOW! What you are doing is amazing

Heather this was an amazing show. The topic is such an intense one, but you did a great job of balancing needed information and, at the same time, giving people hope in that they are not alone.


I love this podcast!!!!

Awesome Podcast

I loved every minute of the podcast when I listened to it. I'm looking forward to the next podcast episode.

Great Show

Great resource, great content, great show.

Heather is doing great work!

Seriously what an amazing topic! Heather dives in to create massive impact and produce a podcast that touches on the very real and very difficult issues that face real women everywhere. Thank you for this show and the people who come on to shine light on this subject!

Nice job Heather... the husband of an OB/ what you are doing.

Infertility after two kids

This is a wonderful source of information. Especially based on real experiences. I had a hard time with infertility I never understood many woman that went thru it. I'm grateful that I was able to have two wonderful boys, 12 and 5. In May of 2007 I had laparoscopy that removed lesions I had in my uterus as a product of PID don't know how I had that infection in 2005 could by using douches and scented tampons. Well needless to say I lived a healthy lifestyle and in 2010 I conceived with the help of pre seed my little one. I always been fertile but in my mother side in late 20's and early thirties have very bad issues with fertility to the point my mom and aunt had hysterectomy at age 32. After battling cervical cancer. Flash forward to last year I lost twins and then a ectopic. They found huge cysts and in December I had surgery and the doctor found early stage of endometriosis. With further testing found out I have APS syndrome it's an autoimmune disease that would require heparin shots and baby aspirin. Now my biggest problem is High prolactin that I hits ovulation and implantation. I have periods but very irregular I never had that. I had MRI and now awaiting medication and some more testing hoping to conceive. What's heart breaking is some friends getting pregnant and doing drugs I just couldn't and they can't never understand my anger towards their actions and lack of understanding. But I'm not alone thank god!

We overcame infertility scare, fun podcast

Great show with Heather championing conquering getting pregnant. We, like many couples struggled with this, and have overcome it. It is great hearing other stories of people in this journey. Take heart if this is a concern for you.

Gotta be real

This show is packed with useful advice on this important topic!

You are not alone!

Great information and certainly brings reief to those struggling with infertility to know they are not alone

Not just another speculation-filled message board

This podcast is excellent for information and support regarding infertility. You may have had this experience: you Google search a topic regarding infertility. The results that you find are lots of others commenting on said topic (sweet validation!!) however, there seems to be lots of speculation and possibly misinformation. The most frustrating part for me is you may many women commenting about their "BFP" but you never hear how things turned out! Not so for the Beat Infertility podcast! In fact, listener stories are followed through from beginning to end and stories are balanced with information from experts like Dr. Rodgers. As someone who gets to the doctor's office and then forgets follow-up questions and concerns, I greatly appreciate this podcast because others are asking my questions and I get answers that are more than just speculation. Thank you for this great resource regarding infertility!

Literally the most uplifting podcast and community

Loved finding a place I could find weekly encouragement. I recommend it everyone! Keep up the great work.

Great resource, positive vibe

Heather's voice is very relaxing. She is knowledgeable and often interviews experts to help explain conditions and medical processes to listeners who are new to infertility. I love that she is helping to remove the taboo about talking about infertility. Go Heather!

Honest & Encouraging Podcast!

I appreciate Heather sharing her story, and creating this informative & supportive community! Her guests have been wonderful and share fantastic resources. I love that the podcast is positive and upbeat when discussing such emotional topics. I highly recommend listening to Beat Infertility!

Great advice delivered in a positive manner

Last week, my doctor diagnosed me with “unexplained infertility” (which is basically no diagnosis at all). After hearing that, I felt like there was nothing more that could be done. I listened to Heather’s podcast about this subject, and it filled me with the best kind of hope - the kind based on the reality that there actually ARE options for me. Listening to the podcast, I feel like one of my good friends is giving me advice over a cup of tea. Except better, because in real life, my friends have no idea what I’m going through. I love that Heather is so positive, and speaks in an upbeat voice. I’ve been feeling so dark and depressed lately that even her tone of voice has helped to lift me out of that depression into a healthier place.

Great resource for infertility

Heather offers a wonderful resource in this podcast. No matter where you are in your infertility journey, you will find hope and stories to relate to. Infertility is isolating and scary, but this makes it far less so.


Finding the Beat Infertility podcast has been such a great thing for me! Anyone going through infertility knows how truly terrible and heartbreaking it can be. Most people you meet going through this are so negative. It is refreshing to listen to someone who is living the same thing as you who has a great outlook on it. I love how upbeat Heather, the host, is and I love hearing other success stories. I have learned that I am not alone in what I'm going through, but that doesn't lessen what I'm feeling. It is great to hear from and about others with similar struggles who did finally have their happy, healthy babies. It keeps me hopeful and I think that's huge in infertility.

Great Podcast, Great Information

Keep up the hard work of providing useful and important content to your audience.

Great Niche Topic!

This is a topic that affects so many couples, but there aren't a lot of accessible resources on the subject. I am glad that this podcast addresses the subject of infertility in such a helpful way!

This podcast is necessary!

We are so scared of talking about infertility! Thank you for having a show that hits on every up and down of the roller coaster that infertility takes you on.


Great job on putting together such a good show around a topic that is so difficult for some people to talk about. Very good info that I'll be sharing with a personal friend of mine. Thank you!

Great resource

Heather, you are providing great information for women who are looking for hope.