Beat Infertility

Going through infertility? Listen to this!

Update 2018: Still listen to this podcast even after having IVF success. With so many episodes, I wish there was more variety in the featured expert guests and I wish the success story interviews felt more conversational and not just a list of the same questions. Regardless, it's still the best podcast to listen to if you're going through infertility. Glad Heather has kept it going!

Original review 2016: This podcast was a real lifesaver, making me feel so much less alone after hearing all these other women's stories. The info from Dr. Rodgers is also incredibly helpful. If you've just found this podcast, go back through the feed and start at episode 1. Totally worth it to listen to each one.

Aug. 24, 2017 by Ado2pod on Apple Podcasts

Beat Infertility