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Love it!

I’ve learned so much through this podcast. I love that you bring on RE’s to answer questions (much better than Dr. Google). Listening to other’s experiences makes me feel less alone.


This is a well-done and informative podcast. Thank you!

Thank you!

For this.

Gave me my life during a really hard time

Heather and the guests on this podcast gave me hope during the darkest period of my life. All of the episodes with Dr Rodgers are phenomenal and I share them with friends going through treatment or if there’s a specific episode I know relates to their case. I love that Heather lets her guests tell their stories without interruption.

Great guests and content, if you can overlook the host

I have to agree with other reviewers— I try so hard, but find it difficult to overlook how poorly the host engages with interviewers. I keep leaving the podcast because of it, but then come back later because I do want to head the content.

Such a hopeful podcast!

I love listening to others questions and experiences. Very informative!

A light of hope with each episode

There are many podcasts out there on infertility but none come as close to the feeling of hope I get after listening to each episode on Beat Infertility. Heather does a great job with this podcast. She has several of podcasts devoted to informing the listener through other couples specific stories or through getting listeners questions answered by Dr Rogers, who an RE herself! I no longer feel that alone throughout my own journey. I highly recommend browsing topics that are specific to your situation or listening to the stories labeled as SUCCESS as they are the ones which truly have given me hope. Thank you, Heather for providing such a warm and informative podcast!

Episode 164 - Must Listen

Just what I needed! So good, and so encouraging for people waking this walk. I loved hearing from his perspective, and I will share this with my husband. Coming from someone who has endured 4 pregnancy losses with no living children who are also ‘older’ it is so uplifting to hear from someone who has been in our shoes and never gave up. Thank you for this!!


I really appreciate this show and I have learned a lot from it. Heather provides us with a lot of great information and has interesting guests.


I just started listening to this podcast. It is hard to discuss fertility among many. Listening to this podcast makes me feel so much better. To hear women who share the same story and be able to follow the language of IVF. Going through IVF can be very isolating. Thank you for giving all these women a platform to share their stories with all of us on this journey.

Great information!

Amazing resource for infertility treatments

Must-listen if you're on this journey.

Heather and her guests provide an amazing depth of information and insight on how to live your life while dealing with infertility. Highly recommend if you or someone you know is facing this issue.

Exactly what I needed.

I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes specific to my situation, but they were SO encouraging and informative.

So uplifting!

Heather is a great interviewer and she produces a beautiful podcast. Between this podcast and the BI app, this is the most supportive community. If you are struggling with IF or ever have, give this a listen!

Guest and Listener Experience

I was Heather's guest on Episode 118. I was nervous to share my story, becuase I have never openly dicussed it on a media platform before. I am a comedian/entertainer, but I'm usually telling jokes, not sharing intimate details about what was a very tumultuous time in my life. However, Heather's demeanor, calmness and relatability immediatley made me feel at ease. I've litened to a few episodes, and this program is truly uique in that each epiode shares a glimmer of hope to everyone. I'm so happy that this show exists, and I'm sure many women, like myself, have been inspired by it.

Great Podcast!

I get a lot of great information from this podcast. It's the best infertility pod on iTunes. It can be a bit corny and there's a little forced cheerfulness, but I think many women may like this. I really enjoyed the show and hearing the stories and interviews with experts when I was going through TTC and IVF! Thank you Heather for all you do!

Informative for those in the middle of the infertility journey

This podcast is amazing and so much credit goes to Heather for putting it together every week. It has empowered me to advocate for myself in an intelligent and respectful way. I am so thankful for this resource to help navigate through an uncertain world!

Fertility Foods Cookbook

I have been a huge fan of Beat Infertiltiy since I found this on my journey to conceive. Heather's amazing attitude and special guests make this something I find comfort in listenign to time and time again. It was a true honor to get to share my knowledge on nutrition with the community here at Beat Infertility. I highly recommend Heather's podcast if you are on this journey!

Going through infertility? Listen to this!

Update 2018: Still listen to this podcast even after having IVF success. With so many episodes, I wish there was more variety in the featured expert guests and I wish the success story interviews felt more conversational and not just a list of the same questions. Regardless, it's still the best podcast to listen to if you're going through infertility. Glad Heather has kept it going! Original review 2016: This podcast was a real lifesaver, making me feel so much less alone after hearing all these other women's stories. The info from Dr. Rodgers is also incredibly helpful. If you've just found this podcast, go back through the feed and start at episode 1. Totally worth it to listen to each one.


Love this podcast. I really found this helpful. Thank you for sharing so many tips and suggestions. This show is really informative and must listen. Keep it up.


I love this podcast! It's very informative and inspiring.

Hopeful and helpful

I love this podcast. I don't remember exactly how or when I found it. I downloaded a couple of episodes and promptly forgot about it, convinced I wouldn't even need it and would get pregnant sooner than I thought. Sadly not the case but luckily I have found hope through the stories shared and answers through some of the other informative episodes. I'm so thankful to Heather and everyone involved with this podcast. I just joined the community as my journey with infertility continues. Thank you so much for all of this.


Since being diagnosed with DOR, this podcast has been a lifesaver. I have learned so much about all things infertility. There are even stories about adoption that are so wonderful and informative (bring extra tissues for those!). My favorite part of the show is when Heather asks the guests what hope they can provide for those at the beginning of their infertility journey (me!). Keep up the amazing work!


Only one thing I hate about this show is how long I have to wait between Monday to Friday for the next episode to come out. HAHA! This podcast is a life saver. Epoisodes are so well done and informative I love refering back to them. This show is inspiring and great to listen to while jogging or driving. Good Job Heather! Im really excited youll be able to hold your baby soon! You got this! Wishing everyone else luck as well!

Amazing podcast!

I found this podcast on Instagram (of all places) and had to start from the beginning. Heather talks about a lot of different topics, and even has different doctors on to help answer questions (and have even answered one of my questions). If you yourself are struggling with infertility or you know someone who is struggling, this podcast is a must!

So wonderful!

I love the mix of stories and professionals in the show. Brings such hope to those struggling to build their families. Thanks, Heather!

So uplifting

This podcast is great, part very useful medical information and advise, part real life stories. In a part of life that can be so stressful, it gives me hope.

Amazing, heartfelt podcast!

This is such an amazing podcast for anyone dealing with infertility or having trouble trying to get pregnant. Heather is an amazing host and shares her own stories so candidly. The guests always provide me with new information and hope. I listen to all of these episodes in a matter of one day. Highly recommended!

Love it!

Love the openness and focus on encouragement in this show. This is something so many people struggle with and it’s great to hear the insights and perspectives shared by Heather and her guests. Thank you!

Mommy Fears. Mommy Solutions.

As a future mom-to-be, this topic is on my might. I am so glad I found this podcast as I begin my own journey. Subscribed!